About the Game Changers

Have you ever wanted to talk business with your marketing idol? Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite DJ what he thinks about your music? Have you ever wanted personal broadcasting lessons from one of the world’s most well known television personalities?

Now you can with Game Changer Meetings!

Game Changer Meetings connects you directly with the world’s top experts in various industries to give you unique knowledge and education that only a true Game Changer could provide!

What type of meeting can I schedule?

Each Game Changer has a different list of meetings that vary in type, price, and length of the meeting. If you have any questions, trying to decide which program to choose, feel free to contact us at info@gamechangermeetings.com!

How are the meetings priced?

The prices are dependent on each Game Changer’s specific schedule and availability. Also, the longer and more intensive the meeting is, the more expensive it is. Keep in mind, that our prices are severely discounted compared to the Game Changers’ average appearance and consulting rates.

How can I benefit from a meeting?

With Game Changer Meetings, you get to personally sit down and talk with some of the world’s smartest minds. Unlike reading one of their books or listening to one of their speeches, your conversation with the Game Changer will be all about you, which allows you to walk away with extremely relevant advice and highly actionable next steps.

Do any of the proceeds go to charity?

Absolutely! Each Game Changer has identified a charity of his or her choosing and a portion of the proceeds are donated. You can see which organizations each Game Changer aligned with on his or her profile page.

For additional help please visit our FAQ's or email a member of our Scheduling Team.