With the Internet, we now have an incredible amount on knowledge right at our fingertips. But sometimes it feels like there is too much clutter out there and it's tough to figure out which are the best tools accomplish your goals

We know that it can be a little overwhelming, so we've identified some of the top products and services to bring you to new heights.

If you have any questions or need some suggestions on other services, drop us a line!

Hope you enjoy!



What This Solves: Offers an easy way to manage all of your social media accounts and compile analysis in one location.

About: In a world where platforms like twitter and facebook are a main source of customer outreach, Hootsuite makes sure you are being as productive as possible. From scheduling tweets to specialized analytic reports, Hootsuite has become the most popular social media tool for businesses everywhere.

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What This Solves: Allows you to easily and cost-effectively build an e-commerce website

About: Shopify helps entrepreneurs with emerging small businesses get off the ground with its user-friendly e-commerce platform that allows you to easily create online stores. Start your online business through Shopify. 

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The Westin Grand Central, NY

What this solves: Gives entrepreneurs a professional environment to stay while in the New York City area. 

About: The New York Westin Grand Central has become a top hotel for industry leaders to stay and conduct business. Our partnership with this hotel includes a three night stay and a meeting with business mogul Daymond John. 

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What This Solves: Offers convenient and affordable business supplies ranging from business cards to customized apparel. 

About: Vistaprint is a one-stop shop for all of your business needs. From their website, you can customize business cards, signs, clothes and even design personal websites or email campaigns. Vistaprint understands what entrepreneurs need to grow and make it as accessible as possible for them. 

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Legal Zoom

What This Solves: Gives you an easier, more affordable way to take care of common legal matters.

About: Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars on routine legal needs, from incorporations and trademarks to last wills. Others put off creating essential legal documents because of the inconvenience and high fees. Legal Zoom helps business owners set everything up in a hassle free, affordable way that lets them focus solely on growing their venture. 

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Eric Miller Design

What This Solves: Provides professional web development on a variety of platforms.

About: Eric Miller Design, Inc. is a Brooklyn based web development and graphic design studio.  Eric has been creating websites and designing for print since 1998.  He spent nine years as the in-house web designer and developer for Broadcast Music, Inc.  Eric works closely with a small group of trusted partners that includes experts in a variety of fields.

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